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  • Welcome to my blog…

    Welcome to Cara Weber Photography Blog! I'm so excited to have you visit! I'm Cara, and I'm based out of Bloomington, IL. We just moved here and we love it.
    When I take pictures, I love to have my clients look at the images and exclaim, "Wow, that's really them!" I love to capture the "real" you, at whatever age you are, so that you can treasure that age forever. I shoot in-studio or on location, whichever fits your situation best. I have a "lifestyle" feel to my photography that is laid back and fun, that clients love.

    I am the lucky wife of a wonderful husband, mom of 3 busy kids that keep my hopping, have a small menagerie of animals in my backyard and have a JOB that I LOVE! I couldn't ask for anything more, I am blessed!

    ~ Cara

Seniors – Alexandra

So we met at Sugar Grove Nature Center for our twilight session and it was beautiful, or maybe that was just Alexandra…  I love the way the images came out, very sun-drenched.  Thank you Alexandra, I had a lot of fun!

(P.S.  Doesn’t she look a lot like Cheryl Tiegs?)


On to bigger and busier…

Well, I have recently relocated to the Bloomington, IL area.  I am loving it here!  The people are so nice and I finally have my small farm that I have been dreaming about for years!  It has been crazy busy as we have 3 rabbits, 9 cats, 28 chickens, 2 horses, 1 dog and several fish.  Just trying to keep them all fed sends my head spinning!  But I’m loving every minute of it.

I have started taking pictures again and am slowly easing back into the swing of things.  I love shooting again after having several months of low business activity while trying to get our farm animal ready/friendly.  I haven’t done any advertising yet, but was so excited to have my first client here who actually “found” me doing a search!  So exciting!  I recently did senior pictures for her and they turned out amazing!  Alexandra was so much fun, even if I did try to get her to fall off a chair!  No, not really!  I love her images, thanks so much for “finding” me!  Check them out in my next post!

Here are some pix of the new farm…



First picture post…

All this is new to me and I hope this will work right.  These are a couple of dolls I just photographed.  They were so cute!  I just love the images that came out of this session.  They look like little china dolls!